Because You loved me

This song always reminds me of Jesus. I know Celine Dion meant her husband. But that's ok. If we are the bride, Jesus is the husband!

Salvation Prayer

Listen to this and pray according to the author or even in your own words. Both works if you mean from the bottom of your heart. Be blessed!

Jesus lives

These days you can expect almost anything, guys. Yesterday I got informed over german bloggers, that there is a man in Miami, Florida who claims to be Jesus. Isn't that something?

I really had to smile, but we are not supposed to judge one another. We let God decide. One day all of us have to stand in front of God, if we believe in Him or not. I do not know what kind of experience this guy had with Jesus or whosoever, but my experience with Jesus was somewhat different.

I can still remember when I prayed the Salvation prayer with our Pastor and asked Jesus into my heart. The bible says everything becomes new after that. My experience wasn't that sudden and immediate.

At that time I did not go to church very often, only when my Mother asked me to. I only wanted to make her happy. Until one day I felt funny praying. I couldn't find the right words. Today my eyes are opened. I had a relationship with Jesus, but no fellowship. But my salvation story does not end here. So I started to go to church and learned more about God's Word. I got baptized a second time and asked God for the Holy Spirit. You can believe me, without the Holy Ghost we will never understand the bible. Jesus is in my heart and thoughts 24/7.
Jesus lives in us if we allow Him to come into our hearts. After that we would call it work in progress.
Jesus lives - in us - praise God Almighty. Thank you God for Your son and the price He paid for us to open the doors to heaven.
So what about you? Where are you going when your time runs out on this planet? Please, think about this! Hell is not a fun place to be.

P.S. So that you can not think I am just making this Jesus lives in Miami up. Check this out.
People can twist the bible anyway they want, if we don't read for ourself we are in danger. This guy has may followers. Be careful and stay close to the Lord Jesus!! Love you guys!